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Technology outside and inside Merlett hose.


The benefit of the experience gained over the years and cutting-edge technology is the secret of Merlett and its hoses.
Looking inside the hose although apparently empty, it is full of technology and a high level of innovation.
The continuous development in technology, in the search for better and better products is backed with a constant reinvestment of profits in technological innovations and especially with the periodic introduction of new interesting products to offer to customers.
The reinvestment of profits in the search for new materials and new technologies has enabled our company remain as the leading supplier of plastic hoses.

Thanks to our internal design office, the offer to the customer shows advantageous not only for completeness of the catalog, but also because systems are configurable in any seat, and, in this way, the path that goes from the perception of the customer need, to the stages of research and development of new technologies, design and installation of machinery to the realization of innovative products, is relatively short, dynamic and flexible.
The continuous investment in technology has also allowed us to create, over the years, a very efficient manufacturing plant, which enables us to secure opportunities for the consolidation of business relations with existing customers and also increase our market share.
To meet the specific requests from our customers, Merlett is equipped with advanced machinery and technology that allows us the flexibility to produce differing products maximising the production capacity.
Since the early nineties we have gone from a single-spindle production, to a multi-spindle (multiple heads) production. We have recently introduced an automatic cutting system with a consequent reduction of waste and improving the quality on the line. The ultimate goal is to produce of hoses in the most economical way creating value and satisfaction for the end customer.